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Information on the USCG Legal Program that ensure operations and activities meet the spirit, as well as the letter, of the law. (id.3831)
(Hits: 192 )
Information on how the Coast Guard interfaces with the Auxiliary and use of (MOU) Memorandums of Understanding. (id.3811)
(Hits: 182 )
Information on doing business in the Coast Guard today with "Customer Accessibility" information. (id.7323)
(Hits: 179 )
Provides distribution of non-resident training materials for over 38,000 Coast Guard personnel with course and location information. (id.3820)
(Hits: 174 )
Works directly with the marine industry, the Commandant and Coast Guard field units in vessel and systems designs and development of safety standards and policies; Washington DC. (id.3824)
(Hits: 174 )
Photos with division, administration, contracting and aircraft data; Elizabeth City, North Carolina. (id.3815)
(Hits: 171 )
Information on licensing, regulations, safety, navigation, news and waterways maagement. (id.3825)
(Hits: 164 )
WLB/WLM PRO administers 3 contracts for design and construction of the seagoing buoy tender; Marinette, Wisconsin. (id.3829)
(Hits: 152 )
Claims adjudication, customer service, financial, case & resource management, legal, vessel certification & Natural resource damages; Arlington, Virginia. (id.3827)
(Hits: 150 )
Info on eligibility and staff with history, schedule and curriculum; New London, connecticut and Petaluma, California. (id.3826)
(Hits: 132 )
Prevent or reduce environmental damage from oil or hazardous material spills; Hamilton Field, Novato, California. (id.3832)
(Hits: 129 )
Serves as headquarters planning coordinatro for Vessel Traffic Services and maintains liaison with DOT and the Nat'l Trasportation Safety Board; Washington, DC. (id.7624)
(Hits: 128 )
Overview of audit with analysis and action plan with a plan for the future; Washington DC. (id.3822)
(Hits: 127 )
Experts in response of oil discharges and hazardous substance releases and minimize environmental damage; Elizabeth City, North Carolina. (id.3838)
(Hits: 118 )
Includes information on staff, training, career development advisors, core values and leadership. (id.10537)
(Hits: 105 )
Resources for international policy with info on foreign travel and international programs; Headquarters, Washington DC. (id.9251)
(Hits: 93 )

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