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Atlantic area cutter with comand philosophy, characteristics, photos and ship's patrol highlights. (id.3978)
(Hits: 234 )
Includes unit information, photos and hurricane service and planning for the area. (id.3977)
(Hits: 208 )
Services offered and area contingency plan with background information given. (id.3973)
(Hits: 200 )
Main missions are search and rescue, enforcement of laws, recreational boating safety and marine environmental protection; St. Inigoes, Maryland. (id.3988)
(Hits: 183 )
Area of responsibility with housing information, and stations in this area with stats for each. (id.3976)
(Hits: 178 )
Responsible for eastern part of the state of Maryland, Virginia and the northeast portion of North Carolina; Norfolk, Virginia. (id.3984)
(Hits: 174 )
First Life Saving Station station in Great Egg was built in 1849; unit located on the Lagoon, Ocean City, New Jersey. (id.3986)
(Hits: 170 )

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