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A social organization for officers and enlisted who were stationed at Barracks 8th & I includes Women Detachment at Henderson Hall; Washington, D.C. (id.4147)
(Hits: 342 )
The MCAA, the entire complex of Marine Corps aviation. Site includes photos and squadron information. (id.4139)
(Hits: 279 )
MCIA Inc with chapter information, membership, officers and profiles; Quantico, Virginia. (id.4148)
(Hits: 268 )
Marine Embassy Guard Association with history and pictures of "Ambassadors in Blue" in the "City of Gold" with news; Jerusalem, Israel. (id.4150)
(Hits: 239 )
Application, membership details, sholarships and tank history; Oceanside, California. (id.4141)
(Hits: 233 )
The Marine Corps Reserve Officers Association (MCROA) information and online application. (id.4138)
(Hits: 207 )
Created for the Perpetuation of Pipers and Piping in the Marine Corps. (id.11528)
(Hits: 207 )
Wooster, OH. Lists it's history, by-laws, officers and online application. (id.4127)
(Hits: 193 )
Provides MCIA history, tops, ovreview and info on meetings. (id.9694)
(Hits: 162 )
Contains organization, reunion info, membership, units, news and history. (id.10876)
(Hits: 151 )
"Ambassadors in blue" part of the Marine Embassy Guard Association with overview of activity in New Delhi, India. (id.4151)
(Hits: 149 )
Includes mission and duty roster with overview of information of Embassy Marines in Tokyo. (id.10418)
(Hits: 143 )
Provides a history of the 9th Marines with Medal of Honor recipiants from the 9th Marine Amphibious Brigade. (id.9785)
(Hits: 142 )
Mission statement, company history and services information is given and includes membership information with overview of organization. (id.10428)
(Hits: 140 )
Nonprofit organization that honors 1st African Americans who entered the USMC from 1942 to 1949, opened to all military branches and includes guestbook. (id.9996)
(Hits: 135 )
Includes overview of information about the Marines that were located at the Embassy in Kathmandu, Nepal. (id.10419)
(Hits: 132 )

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