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Marines Corp Associations and Clubs. (id.183)
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Our mission: Accurate, timely and professional information for the United States Marine Corps . (id.4075)
(Hits: 2627 )
Includes news, airborne recruiting ads, humor, dictionary of terms and logbook with email contacts and media information. (id.4117)
(Hits: 1354 )
Uniform surveys, regulations, history, allowances, research, development, updates and FAQ's are given. (id.10652)
(Hits: 1265 )
US Marine Corps Special Operations Unit - Not Recon but similar. Air/Naval Gunfire Liason Co. specializing in call for fire from ships, Marine Arty, Marine/Naval Air in support of US Army, Special Operations, and Allied military operations (id.11311)
(Hits: 1102 )
Marine Bloodstripes Home Page - Dedicated to Marine Vets. (id.4073)
(Hits: 944 )
An award winning personal photo journal of a Vietnam Veteran who served with A Company Called Mike-3/7. (id.4074)
(Hits: 791 )
MARFORRES is to augment and reinforce and provide personnel relief for the active forces. (id.4080)
(Hits: 779 )
Includes the beginning of the Corps and the wars that they have been involved and future of this military branch; Washington DC. (id.8368)
(Hits: 701 )
Includes photos, reunion info, history, guest book, graphics, members, purple hearts, bn casualties and photos. (id.10719)
(Hits: 671 )
MCWL developing new operational concepts, tactics, techniques, procedures and technologies. (id.4076)
(Hits: 652 )
Welcome to TheFew.com, Tun Tavern on the Net. Search The Marine Guestbook for platoon buddies, friends, or current & retired Marines. (id.4082)
(Hits: 646 )
World wide home of the United States Marine Corps Triathlon Team with photos and details. (id.4097)
(Hits: 634 )
Includes FAQ, catlog search, bibliagraphies and archives; Quantico, Virginia. (id.7204)
(Hits: 605 )
POS, plans, operations and security branch information with resources. (id.9077)
(Hits: 600 )
Listing of Marine associations, "Medal of Honor" recipients and other resources for the Marine. (id.9692)
(Hits: 587 )
"A salty old harbor of Marine Corps history" with wars, mascots and ghost battalion information. (id.4122)
(Hits: 550 )

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