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Atlantic Fleet (24)
Destroyers assigned to the Atlantic Fleet.. (id.201)
Pacific Fleet (19)
Destroyers assigned to the Pacific Fleet.. (id.202)

  Links not in Specific Cats Above:

"Most Battle Ready" ship in the Navy that includes a Med dive and photo tour with specs of this destroyer. (id.4722)
(Hits: 396 )
(DDG 22)Shows photo, ship patch and logo with some memories; Decommissioned. (id.4774)
(Hits: 337 )
Yemen, (DDG 67)Warship statistic information with background info on Sergeant Cole USMC whom the ship was named. (id.4721)
(Hits: 281 )
(DDG-56) Navy destroyer information with photo gallery, crew information and McCain history; includes a tour of the ship. (id.4727)
(Hits: 262 )
(DDG 75) Ship history with photos and information on the capabilities of this Navy Aegis guided missile destroyer. (id.4720)
(Hits: 254 )
(DD 669)"The Guardian Angel" with info about the reunion, photos, history and history of this Navy vessel. (id.4734)
(Hits: 248 )
(DD 705) Membership list with newsletter and pictures of 63-66 shipmates; Decommissioned. (id.4764)
(Hits: 246 )
The National Association of Destroyer Veterans with news, shipmate registry, reunions,events and membership information. (id.4736)
(Hits: 245 )
(DD822)Gives history, roster reunions, news and photos; Decommissioned. (id.4758)
(Hits: 243 )
Warship info on this destroyer armed with weapons and sensors, includes photos, crest, sailor's creed and namesake history. (id.4724)
(Hits: 241 )
(DLG 34/ CG 34)Has ship history, pictures, crew locator, Biddle facts and reunions info; Decommissioned. (id.4772)
(Hits: 229 )
(DD 786) "The Masked Rider" reunion info, history and photos; Decommissioned. (id.4747)
(Hits: 222 )
(DD 826)With video of ship, photos, chatroom and tribute to James P. Cox; Final Resting Place. (id.4742)
(Hits: 219 )
(DD/DDE 871)Contains history, reunion information, ships patch, original specifications and photos. (id.4782)
(Hits: 215 )
(DDG-72) Destroyer news and commentary with vessel specs, history, pictures and other Navy related information. (id.4726)
(Hits: 215 )
(DD 821)Includes photos, reunion info, history and sea stories; Decommissioned. (id.4744)
(Hits: 196 )

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