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(SSN 683) Photo and unit specifications of Navy submarine with history of vessel. Pacific Fleet (id.4911)
(Hits: 336 )
(SSN 22)Crew, ship, news, events and history information for this Navy submarine homeported in Groten, CT. Atlantic fleet (id.4916)
(Hits: 274 )
(AGSS 555) The Navy's only operational, diesel-electric, deep-diving, research and development submarine; homeported in San Diego, CA. Pacific Fleet (id.4939)
(Hits: 235 )
(SSN 773)Nuclear attach Navy submarine information; homeported in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Pacific Fleet (id.4940)
(Hits: 221 )
(SSBN 738) Ship's news with photos and characteristics of submarine; homeported Kings Bay, GA (id.4930)
(Hits: 208 )
(SSBN 743)Navy submarine homeported in Kings Bay, GA; includes history, insignia and characteristics. Atlantic Fleet (id.4915)
(Hits: 204 )
Submarine history and creow information with a deck log and video of sub entering San Francisco, CA. (id.4903)
(Hits: 199 )
(SSN 259/605)Specs, photos and reunion information for the USS Jack and former crew; Decommissioned. (id.4951)
(Hits: 191 )
(SSBN 734) History, officers and characteristics of Navy sub. Atlantic Fleet. (id.4920)
(Hits: 191 )
(SSBN 739) History, insignia and ship's characteristics; homeported Kings Bay, GA. (id.4932)
(Hits: 190 )
(SSN 772)News mission and weapons info for this Navy sub homeported in Pearl Harbor, HI. Pacific Fleet (id.4927)
(Hits: 186 )
(SSBN 726)Former crew and CO information on this Navy Submarine with statistics and history included. (id.4905)
(Hits: 185 )
(SSN 698) History, stats and Captains biography for Navy submarine homeported in San Diego, CA. Pacific Fleet (id.4931)
(Hits: 184 )
(SSN 762)History and capabilities of submarine with Navy officer bios; homeported in Pearl Harbor, HI. Pacific Fleet (id.4941)
(Hits: 182 )
(SSBN 736)Officer and chiefs of the boat information with characteristics and insignia info for Navy submarine. Atlantic Fleet (id.4914)
(Hits: 181 )
Crew information with photo gallery, history and statistics of this Naval submarine in the Pacific. (id.4907)
(Hits: 173 )

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