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(LSD 49) Mission & stats, online cruise book, photos, history & news for Navy ship. Pacific Fleet (id.4971)
(Hits: 493 )
A roll-on/roll-off self-sustaining container ship that supports the U.S. Air Force. MSC Fleet (id.4965)
(Hits: 403 )
(LSD 42) News, photos, Navy officer info and history for this dock landing ship. Pacific Fleet (id.4973)
(Hits: 316 )
(LSD 36) Ship's crest, characteristics and photos for this Navy dock landing vessel. Pacific Fleet (id.4975)
(Hits: 303 )
Amphibious Transport Ship transports and lands Marines, their equipment and supplies. Naval Station San Diego, CA. (id.4958)
(Hits: 256 )
(LPD 5) U.S. Navy's Fifth amphibious transport dock (LPD), the second of the Austin class. (id.4960)
(Hits: 241 )
(AOE6)History, specs, sea and bio information on Navy officers; homeported in Earle, NJ. Atlantic Fleet (id.4979)
(Hits: 236 )
(LPD 12)Photos and details of Navy ship's history & new crewmember info. Atlantic Fleet. (id.4967)
(Hits: 225 )
(LPD 9) Info on this Navy amphibious transport dock which is capable of carrying troops, cargo and tanks. Pacific Fleet (id.4963)
(Hits: 223 )
(LSD 45)History, characteristics, mission and Navy officer info for this ship. Pacific Fleet (id.4974)
(Hits: 222 )
(AOE 1) Combat support ship that serves as a fleet oiler, ammunition ship and refrigerated-stores ship. Pacific Fleet (id.4961)
(Hits: 214 )
(LSD 46)Photos, mission and history of Navy amphibious ship; homeported in Little Creek, VA. Atlantic Fleet (id.4986)
(Hits: 209 )
(AOE 4)Provides logistic support to the Navy's Combat Logistics Force (CLF)homeported in Earle, NJ. Atlantic Fleet (id.4981)
(Hits: 201 )
(T-AE 32) The Silver Bullet, US Navy Frigate. (id.4959)
(Hits: 200 )
(LPD 13)Schedule, news, photos, reporting info and ship facts for this amphibious transport dock vessel. Atlantic Fleet (id.4972)
(Hits: 199 )
(LPD 10)Photos, history, insignia and achievenents of Navy vessel. 7th Fleet (id.4970)
(Hits: 195 )

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