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Has mission with newcomers information, contacts, drill dates, vacancies and training schedule; Norfolk, Virginia. (id.7229)
(Hits: 924 )
Naval Pacific Meteorological and Oceanography Center/ Joint Typhoon Warning Center;Navy & Air Force; Honolulu, Hawaii. (id.5063)
(Hits: 644 )
USFK supports the United Nations Command and Republic of Korea- US Combined Forces Command (ROK - US CFC). (id.5064)
(Hits: 591 )
All the branches, grades and components, and all who support our interests. (id.2619)
(Hits: 548 )
Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) is the headquarters of ACE. Allied Command Europe (ACE) is one of two major military commands of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO). (id.5057)
(Hits: 540 )
Joint Task Force Southwest Asia (JTF-SWA) includes forces from the US, France, Great Britain and Saudi Arabia and reports to US Central Command (CENTCOM). (id.5061)
(Hits: 526 )
Overview that includes history, news, commander info and unit informaion; Iceland. (id.7226)
(Hits: 514 )
Comprised of 31 organizations with members of the uniformed services, active, reserve, retired, survivors, veterans and their families. (id.2625)
(Hits: 510 )
Mission statement with organization and leadership information for this Navy, Army, Air Force Command site. (id.5059)
(Hits: 474 )
OPN is a (CTF) Combined Task Force with the US, UK and Turkey includes soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines from the Navy, Army, Air Force and Marine Corps. (id.5062)
(Hits: 469 )
JPPSO procures and evaluates commercial carrier service for all five military installations and civilian for moving needs; San Antonio, Texas. (id.8351)
(Hits: 468 )
Provides movement of DoD and Coast Guard personal property with info on weight allowances and moving tips; Hanscom AFB, Massachusetts. (id.8353)
(Hits: 463 )
Information on weight allowances, services, starage and customer comments; Colorado Springs, Colorado. (id.8352)
(Hits: 460 )
Includes calendar, training information, library and Joint vision 2020 with news. (id.5060)
(Hits: 452 )
Inbound and outbound info, long term storage and movement regulations given; Fort Belvoir, Virginia. (id.8354)
(Hits: 443 )
Provides welcome information, accreditation, staff, registration and course information; Norfolk, Virginia. (id.10358)
(Hits: 413 )

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