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Military basic pay rates, may differ from the dates for pay entitlements. Charts not for official pay purposes. (id.2617)
(Hits: 2832 )
Provides history, news and recruitining information with staff info of the Army Guard, National Guard and Air Guard. (id.9471)
(Hits: 1928 )
Resources for the Reserve including the Army National Guard, Army Reserve, Naval Reserve, Marine Corps Reserve, Air Force Reserve, Coast Guard Reserve and Air National Guard. (id.9985)
(Hits: 1777 )
MCCW - USA coordinates ministries to meet the needs of women within the military community, includes affilitate information. (id.2622)
(Hits: 1371 )
Sport events and information on 18-member men's team and 6-member women's team that competes in the Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officer Military competition. (id.9945)
(Hits: 1353 )
Provides info on teams, results and overview that includes background info on event held in Alaska. (id.9946)
(Hits: 1348 )
(DER 388) Has reunion information on this vessel that served with both Coast Guard and Navy crews in the 1940's through the 1960's. (id.2627)
(Hits: 1335 )
Officers and men who manned the ships and the pilots and airmen who flew from the decks of the smallest aircraft carriers in Navy during World War II and Korea. (id.2628)
(Hits: 1313 )
Mission to preserve history of the Coast Guard/Navy Icebreaker Glacier and promote camraderie amongs all Polar sailors in general. (id.7338)
(Hits: 1309 )
United Service Organization provides morale, welfare and recreation-type services to uniformed military Personnel; Washington Navy Yard, Washington DC. (id.7320)
(Hits: 1303 )
Association of Military Surgeons of the United States with meetings, membership info and resources; Bethesda, Maryland. (id.2626)
(Hits: 1292 )
Includes directory and organization with mission statement for ASBPO; Falls Church, Virginia. (id.2629)
(Hits: 1282 )
Gives history, membership form, chapter locations and events informaiton. (id.9749)
(Hits: 1275 )
Acquires info technology systems and services used in support of the Navy and Marine Corps warfighters and support elements that includes bios, organization, news and library. (id.9917)
(Hits: 1266 )
Provides info on conductor, concerts, recordings, programs and members with experience from various military bands and play in the DC and Northern Virginia area. (id.10800)
(Hits: 1250 )

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