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Job search for military personnel transitioning to civilian careers. Provides a skills translator and military-to-civilian pay calculator. (id.7992)
(Hits: 2115 )
Qualified Operators Needed for Overseas Deployment: $178,000 Per Year Contract. (id.12433)
(Hits: 1693 )
Veteran transition assistance online with information for job seekers and employers. (id.7789)
(Hits: 1395 )
Military-to-civilian recruiting firm for private military or civilian jobs in the United States, Iraq and other countries on behalf of employers, public, mulit-national, private, military firms, defense contractors. (id.12997)
(Hits: 1354 )
Employers are able to search resumes and post employment openings while job seekers can post resumes and search the job database. (id.9063)
(Hits: 1167 )
Connecting Corporations with the Military Community with free service to vets to locate companies looking for military experience. (id.9378)
(Hits: 1069 )
Offers veteran resources and employment assistance with a history of the organization. (id.7809)
(Hits: 945 )
Experienced outsourcing company specializing in permanent placement opportunities. (id.11100)
(Hits: 895 )
Specializes in placing former junior military officers and degreed enlisted leaders in careers with the world's most successful companies. (id.5113)
(Hits: 815 )
Specializes in placing military officers and enlisted candidates with management and technical expertixe into corporations throughout the country. (id.9379)
(Hits: 802 )
Provides registration for military job finder with info on civiliarn employment and tips for transitioning. (id.9065)
(Hits: 722 )
Provides directory of employment information, services and message board for veterans. (id.9064)
(Hits: 708 )
Service that specializes in resume preparation for former military members, returning to the "Real World" with transition assistance. (id.5112)
(Hits: 687 )
Placement of military officers and NCOs with Fortune 500 Companies. Positions we specialize in include: Engineering, Project Management, Sales, Operations/ Manufacturing Leadership (id.12221)
(Hits: 682 )
Military transition recruiting with info on hiring conferences and employer lists. (id.10753)
(Hits: 665 )
Provides employment assistance to vets for state, national and global jobs. Also reservists and National Guard. (id.5104)
(Hits: 595 )

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