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United States Air Force Recruiting Offices..... (id.213)
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United States Coast Guard Recruiting Offices..... (id.223)
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The Prior Service Accession Program is open to SF branch officers and CMF 18 NCO's who served on active duty. (id.5092)
(Hits: 8119 )
The Special Operations Recruiting Company is based at Fort Bragg, NC with teams located in 8 CONUS and 2 OCONUS locations. (id.5091)
(Hits: 6650 )
This is the official recruiting site for the U.S. Navy SEALs. (id.5088)
(Hits: 4651 )
Hostage/Kidnap Extraction and Child Recovery (permissive and non permissive environments) and Special Military Operations (id.8894)
(Hits: 4486 )
Trojan an international operations and training service provider. (id.9020)
(Hits: 4256 )
Special Forces (SF) soldiers represent the Army's cutting edge. The training they receive is the most rigorous, intensive and challenging the Army offers. (id.5086)
(Hits: 4083 )
Recruiting Ex special forces with close protection experience for interesting and rewarding work in Iraq. (id.12408)
(Hits: 3683 )
ODCC offers the service of veterans from U.S. Special Forces with a proven international consulting corporation, Las Vegas, NV. (id.5115)
(Hits: 3508 )
Providing an integrated service of celebrity protection, secure transportation and private aircraft charter. (id.9181)
(Hits: 3029 )
OSS provides the "highest caliber and best value" security and protection support, services, and products to government agencies and private companies working both domestically and internationally. (id.12254)
(Hits: 2762 )
Military recruiting information for all services with training and military screensavers. (id.5109)
(Hits: 2716 )
Defense, Aerospace and Homeland Security, Job opportunities, Corporate and other Recruiters. (id.11843)
(Hits: 2419 )
JCU information with downloadable packet and application process; Ft Bragg, North Carolina. (id.5106)
(Hits: 2252 )
The 160th SOAR actively seeks and assigns the best-qualified aviators and support soldiers available in the Army. (id.5097)
(Hits: 2194 )
Click here for military careers and jobs. All branches.. (id.11322)
(Hits: 2182 )
Armed Forces practice tests with test center, enlisting and recruiting information; includes Navy, Air Force, Marines and Army testing. (id.5108)
(Hits: 2079 )

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