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5th Special Forces Group, Command and Control Central, MACV-SOG. Photos of Recon teams and personell at FOB II from 12/69 - 11/70 (id.10897)
(Hits: 8389 )
Pictures from Forward Observation Base II, Kontum, Vietnam; Laos and Cambodia during the period December 1969 thru October 1970... (id.5430)
(Hits: 7129 )
Dedicated to the memory of MACVSOG KIA/MIA with actual stories, support units, photo's, etc... By Robert Noe... (id.7522)
(Hits: 6070 )
MACV-SOG was the joint service high command unconventional-warfare task force engaged in highly classified clandestine operations throughout Southeast Asia. It was given the title "Studies & Observation Group" as a cover. (id.10311)
(Hits: 4816 )
POW/MIA snake team members, SFC Lewis Walton, SFC James Luttrell, SSG Klaus Bingham, MACV-SOG 5th Special Forces Recon Team ASP 1971. (id.2292)
(Hits: 4497 )
You have never lived, until you have almost died. For those who fight for it, life has a flavor That the protected will never know! By Robby Robinson.. (id.5428)
(Hits: 3798 )
SOG,Larry Thorne aka Lauri Torni a legend in SF and SOG. (id.11717)
(Hits: 3663 )
SOG was the unconventional warfare element of the U.S. military presence in the Southeast Asian conflict. It was the most secret, elite U.S. military unit to serve in Vietnam... (id.5433)
(Hits: 3284 )
RT Alaska men who perished or are missing. There are photos and stories of their last stand. I am collecting information on SP5-Gary Hollingsworth, Danny Entrican and Dale Dehnke. (id.5490)
(Hits: 3090 )
Military Assistance Command Vietnam Studies and Observation Group. The Army's most secret commando unit of the Vietnam War 4 April 2001 at Ft Bragg. (id.5438)
(Hits: 2396 )
The early days of CCS. It is critical of certain things, yet; the truth. (id.12328)
(Hits: 2288 )
Randolph B.Suber U.S.Army MACV-SOG,A team member of a 6 man reconnaissance team on a mission in Laos. (id.7850)
(Hits: 2187 )
Excerpts from Annex B of the 1970 Command History of MACSOG describing the group's activities relating to Operation TAILWIND. GWU (id.5319)
(Hits: 2134 )
"SCARFACE" flew everyday in support of Special Forces operating as MLT2 out of a FOB near Quang Tri in far northern I-Corps. (id.5399)
(Hits: 2125 )
Col Bill Shelton, CO FOB Phu Bai MACVSOG CCN, John Stryker Meyers, 1-0 ST/RT IDAHO, Major An 219th VNAF Squadron "KINGBEES", Cliff Newman, , 1-0 RT FLORIDA. (id.5322)
(Hits: 2118 )
E7/US Army Special Forces MACV-SOG, Command & Control, Missing In Action Laos, 03 June 1967. (id.2270)
(Hits: 2079 )

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