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de oppresso liber



5th SF Group (15)
5th Special Forces Group, Past, Current and Viet Nam excluding MAC-V-SOG with its own Category.... (id.248)
Military Assistance Command Vietnam Studies and Observation Group. The most secret commando unit of the Vietnam War in South East Asia (SEA)... (id.359)

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All Special Forces Groups (Airborne) and their AOR, history, flash. The webs most complete and authentic with Articles and photos.. (id.5417)
(Hits: 22774 )
20th Special Forces Group (Airborne) U.S. Army National Guard, Headquarters, 20th SFGA - Birmingham, Alabama (id.5413)
(Hits: 14285 )
A/2/19TH Special Forces (Airborne), Rhode Island Army National Guard, Soldiers in this unit are trained as Green Berets. (id.5415)
(Hits: 12393 )
The 10th Special Forces Group (10th SFG) Fort Carson. It is assigned to the U.S. Army's Special Operations Command located at Fort Bragg, N.C. (id.5410)
(Hits: 11563 )
Qualifications, Assessment and Selection (SFAS), Phase 1 and 2, Qualification Course (SFQC), Individual Training, Language and SERE Course, Recuiting and Guest Book... (id.5426)
(Hits: 9334 )
Current and Future Projects, Background Information, Activties, Classic Photos, Editorials,Comments and POC.. (id.5421)
(Hits: 9048 )
"De Oppresso Liber" Bravo Company, 2nd Battalion 20th Special Forces Group, Drill Dates Training Year 2000. (id.5414)
(Hits: 5078 )
You can reach the unit, located just northeast of Denver in Watkins,Colorado by calling 303-261-2600. (id.5423)
(Hits: 4266 )
The 5th Annual 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne) International Military Sniper Competition, By US Army Master Sergeant William A. "Congo" Easterling. (id.5420)
(Hits: 3971 )
Special Forces operational "A" Detachments of the 10th Special forces Group (Airborne) stationed at Flint Kasern in Bad Toelz, West Germany. (id.5416)
(Hits: 3864 )
When the 10th SFG departed for Bad Tolz, Germany, the men who were not required to go remained on Smoke Bomb Hill and formed the 77th Group. (id.5411)
(Hits: 3421 )
Utah Army National Guard, the 19th Special Forces Group (Airborne). (id.12170)
(Hits: 3344 )
20th SFG (ABN) 3rd Battalion, Florida National Guard. Based at Camp Blanding (Starke), Florida.. (id.12428)
(Hits: 2983 )
Eight Operational Detachment Alpha (ODA) teams, Panzer Kaserne Range in B÷blingen, Germany. 1st Battalion, 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne). (id.5418)
(Hits: 2879 )
This site is dedicated to those who served in the 12th SFG(a) (id.11914)
(Hits: 2555 )
3bn12sfga. Public area(history, laws, public photos, etc.) Private members section for former members. (id.11849)
(Hits: 2015 )

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