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Ed Sprague spent 7 years living among the Montagnards. As the Team Sgt. of a Special Forces Camp. (id.5463)
(Hits: 3809 )
A collection of photos of the Dega people and culture as captured by military, government and civilian support veterans of the war in South East Asia. (id.5464)
(Hits: 3440 )
Indigenous People of Viet Nam's Central Highlands, Hundreds of Bru tribesmen fought alongside Special Forces Teams in the Khe Sanh area during the Viet Nam War. (id.5466)
(Hits: 2300 )
Includes map of major tribes, campaigns and articles about the Mantagnards during the Vietnam Conflict. (id.10768)
(Hits: 2124 )
By George "Sonny" Hoffman - Montagnard (mountain yard) is a French word meaning mountain people. Yard is an American term meaning Montagnard. Yard is a term of endearment. (id.5485)
(Hits: 1682 )
Thursday, 8 February, 2001, From BBC News. Troops and Helicopters have been deployed in Vietnam's Central Highlands following a wave of ethnic unrest. (id.5467)
(Hits: 1609 )
STMP was founded in 1986 by U.S. Special Forces veterans of the Vietnam War. Our ranks are open to all who love these magnificent people. (id.5462)
(Hits: 1451 )
Memoirs of a photo officer in Vietnam.. (id.11426)
(Hits: 1388 )
Contains history, overview, flag and information on activities and goals; North Carolina. (id.9260)
(Hits: 1052 )
A new project to aid in health education and health care access for America's Montagnard population (id.15259)
(Hits: 417 )

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