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A group of 14 U.S. Army Special Forces soldiers makes up the waterborne operations instruction team, or Team Four, in Company A of the Jungle Operations Training Brigade. (id.5474)
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"We are going to rescue 70 American prisoners of war, maybe more, from a camp called Son Tay. This is something American prisoners have a right to expect from their fellow soldiers. The target is 23 miles west of Hanoi." - Colonel Arthur "Bull" Simons. (id.5470)
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This site is designed as an online aid and web portal for members of United States, allied and coalition military services researching urban military operations. The intended audience also includes civilian members of the U.S. Department of Defense and defense contractors who are attempting to find solutions to the problems inherent to this most difficult operating environment. (id.11281)
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In 1961 and 1962 the CIA-trained and -sponsored 1st Observation Group was formed to counter Communist operations along the trail.. (id.7892)
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Texans on SFODA 762 fly the Texas flag flown ove the Alamo on 11SEP02 for 7 months of combat in Afghanistan. The flag is now on perminant display in the Texas Alamo. (id.12133)
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In 1968, the 50th TAS C-130s were flying into postage stamp airstrips, Fire Flight to CSM Reg Manning's Katum Camp, South Vietnam, very close to the Cambodian border is a great Aviator site. (id.5473)
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BG Thomas Miller, Commanding General, Combined Joint Task Force - Kuwait, speaks during the national ceremony for the Servicemembers killed in the accident.. (id.7434)
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Personal narrative/photographs by Art Fields, Master Sergeant USA, SF Team Leader, Bill Chambers, Captain USAF, Air Commando Pilot, Charlie Jones, Staff Sergeant USAF, CCT/FAC. (id.11168)
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SOCPAC Special Operations Command, Pacific (id.15373)
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