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A look at what it was like to be a Green Beret in Viet Nam... camp life, going on patrol, and the men wearing the funny little green hat. (id.5489)
(Hits: 9494 )
Welcome Special Operations Brothers and Ex-pat friends. I am a retired U.S. Special Forces Soldier now working in the UAE as a Special Operations Instructor. (id.5480)
(Hits: 5096 )
Memoirs of a Sneaky Pete 1997 Donald E. Valentine, All rights reserved. One of the best you'll ever read. (id.5482)
(Hits: 4439 )
CCS - MACV-SOG, 5th Special Forces Group, MIA, Missing in Action on April 24, 1969, in Cambodia. (id.5495)
(Hits: 4051 )
A history of my service with the 5th and 6th Special Forces Groups at Ft. Bragg, NC. (id.5479)
(Hits: 4033 )
Dedicated to Robert L. Howard, one of America's most decorated soldiers. Only soldier in our nation's history to be nominated for the Congressional Medal of Honor three times for three separate actions within a thirteen month period. Our nation's most decorated soldier from the Vietnam War. Served in MACV-SOG. (id.11157)
(Hits: 3661 )
Pictures and Vietnam War stories at (CCN) Command and Control North, (MACV/SOG) Military Assistance Command Vietnam, Studies and Observation Group. (id.5501)
(Hits: 3434 )
Great site with story and photos, RVN Info, Da Nang and Gia Vuc. (id.5497)
(Hits: 2967 )
MIA, E6/US Army Special Forces Unit Detachment B-52 DELTA 5th Special Forces Group. (id.5496)
(Hits: 2622 )
Tribute to the fallen warriors! By Carl Haskins, 3rd Group.. (id.11277)
(Hits: 2516 )
Terry Dahling's chronicle of his experiences in the 5th, 10th, 8th SFG(ABN) and 46th Co. (id.11898)
(Hits: 2418 )
This page is dedicated to my Dad. His loyalty, dedication and his courage has made me very proud of him. I hope this page shows him just how proud I am of him. I LOVE YOU DAD!!!! (id.5477)
(Hits: 2244 )
In memory of Gary L. Hollingsworth, Remembering RT-Alaska, MAC/V/SOG with photos and maps. (id.5499)
(Hits: 2109 )
Biography of Robert (Bob) Chaplin, Sergeant Major, 5th Special Forces Group (Abn), USA.. (id.11215)
(Hits: 1808 )
E4 US Army Special Forces, Psyops Specialist (but was assigned in Minh Long as a small arms specialist), C Company, Detachment A-108, 5th Special Forces Group........ (id.5494)
(Hits: 1775 )
Photos & paintings including A103, A113 & I Corps C-Team, 1966-1967 (id.5488)
(Hits: 1762 )

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