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An abundance of Information about Major Richard J. Meadows An American Hero. (id.5502)
(Hits: 4336 )
He was a real live hero of our times who became a living legend in the Special Forces community until his untimely assasination by guerilla insurgents in the Phillipines. (id.5505)
(Hits: 3226 )
Take a look at the Photo Gallery. Jim Hauck, Wil Charette, Earl McMillan and Dick Meadows. El-Centro HALO Class Photos. (id.5511)
(Hits: 2880 )
Colonel Simons is best known for his role as Deputy Commander of Operation Ivory Coast, more famously known as the Son Tay Raid. (id.5504)
(Hits: 2747 )
The last photos of Doug with guys from Chapter 60, 40, SOCOM and Robin Moore, also while in SOG and receiving MOH at the White House. Foundation info and Book order form. (id.5512)
(Hits: 2697 )
A site that presents information about SGM Billy Waugh. A short glimps of his life and information about his upcoming book "Hunting the Jackal" (id.12331)
(Hits: 2549 )
July 2, 2000, Col. Aaron Bank, now 98, An old soldier who helped rewrite the rules of modern warfare when he founded America's first Special Forces unit in 1952 was honored by 800 former Green Berets in Newton yesterday. (id.5506)
(Hits: 2217 )
Special Forces "Guardian Angel" from the Pentagon.. Photo with Billy Waugh. And converstion about. (id.10482)
(Hits: 1906 )
Major General Lutz was a Special Forces Soldier And Leader who Never Forgot to Take Care of His Soldiers, His Visions Are Our Heritage. (id.5503)
(Hits: 1694 )
Citation and news articles from the Tampa Tribune and New york Times.. (id.7391)
(Hits: 1404 )
Outstanding Civilian Service Medal awarded by The US Special Operations Command and presented by General Peter J. Schoomaker, Commander in Chief, USSOCOM. (id.5509)
(Hits: 1386 )
Before and during the Vietnam War Mrs 'A' was the unofficial Special Forces Guardian Angel working deep in the bowels of the Pentagon personnel office. When ever a SF troop had a need to relocate, there was never a question about 'Who you gonna call?'; we all knew that you called Mrs 'A' at OX5 - 4070. (id.12405)
(Hits: 1083 )
Jack Savant (SFC Ret, 1st SFG(A) and Jon Kranich (SFC Ret, 1st SFG(A) were killed in Kandahar, Afghanistan on 5 December 2006 (id.15242)
(Hits: 1009 )
A Memorial to our Rudy Cooper Of Special Forces and MACV-SOG Fame.. (id.15308)
(Hits: 1003 )
Several great photos of Mrs. A on the SFA Chapter 82 Site. (id.15262)
(Hits: 560 )

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