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Qualifications, Assessment and Selection (SFAS), Phase 1 and 2, Qualification Course (SFQC), Individual Training, Language and SERE Course, Recuiting and Message Book... (id.7383)
(Hits: 28788 )
2nd Battalion 20th Special Forces Group, Prior service Special Forces, Rangers, Airborne Infantry, USMC Recon and Navy Seals.. (id.7380)
(Hits: 13918 )
Assesses and selects soldiers for attendance at the Special Forces Qualification Course (SFQC)... (id.7382)
(Hits: 12033 )
1st Tactical Studies Group (Airborne). This site features information for the Airborne-Special Operations-Infantry community U.S. Army-wide... (id.7805)
(Hits: 7666 )
SERE course at Camp Mackall outside of Ft. Bragg. SERE stands for Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape. Col. James "Nick" Rowe... (id.7806)
(Hits: 6089 )
Operational Detachment A.. Training exercise at a remote range on Fort Lewis, a specially designed building called "25-Maze", whose walls are filled with 24" of sand to absorb the live rounds fired here... (id.7379)
(Hits: 5678 )
There are many books available on SF. None actual address HOW to prepare. GET SELECTED FOR SPECIAL FORCES does exactly that...while simultaneously raising funds for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. ALL of the royalties are being donated to fund a scholarship and we have already raised over $5,000. This is a WIN for future SF Candidates. This is a WIN for the Warrior Foundation. and because this will help put more SF Guys on the battlefield, this is a WIN for both USASFC(A) and USAJFKSWCS. (id.13125)
(Hits: 3858 )
New USAREC In-service Recruiting Website - Replaces the contacts and Phone #s you have listed on your site currently (id.11983)
(Hits: 3340 )

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