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160th SOAR (5)
160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne), Ft. Campbell, Kentucky.... (id.462)
Skyhook (3)
Fulton Recovery Systems, Skyhook System, Human Pickups... (id.463)
United States Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command... (id.464)
United States Army Special Operations Command... (id.465)

  Links not in Specific Cats Above:

It is about Delta Force (id.10063)
(Hits: 32355 )
A Collection of Award Winning Photograghs obtained from Official Armed Forces Sources (id.10256)
(Hits: 23172 )
An excellent explanation of The SEALS and Special Forces and the similarities and diversities by Tracy-Paul Warrington. (id.5327)
(Hits: 15949 )
Includes overvies of info on Airborne Rangers, Navy Seals, Airforce Combat Control and Pararescue and Marine Corp Force Recon. (id.8974)
(Hits: 12833 )
Excellent SpecWarNet Desktop Images of Special Operations photos taken from official US Military sites. (id.5528)
(Hits: 10175 )
Elite soldiers of the SAS training in various roles for operational duty. (id.5543)
(Hits: 10085 )
This site has info and pictures of U.S. Army Rangers, Green Berets (Special Forces), Delta Force, Navy Seals, Marine Force Recon, and Navy SEALs. (id.12209)
(Hits: 7876 )
One Shot...One kill...No exceptions. Rifle Pics, Ghillie suit Pics and info, Range card, much more! (id.10128)
(Hits: 7416 )
Major world-wide special operations units primer guides with photo gallery, 20th century warfare portal and military reference resources.. (id.5522)
(Hits: 6806 )
They are one of the nation's key penetration and strike forces, able to respond with stealth, speed, and precision. (id.5530)
(Hits: 5983 )
Overview of information on the Green Berets or Army Rangers with weapons information given. (id.9482)
(Hits: 5587 )
Blackhawk Down is The Philadelphia Inquirer's series about what really happened during the Battle of Mogadishu in 1993... by Mark Bowden. (id.7799)
(Hits: 5190 )
Closed ranks? Special-operations units have the least racial diversity in military. (id.5471)
(Hits: 4525 )
The Friends of Special Operations Forces, Fort Bragg to promote interest in SOF. (id.5518)
(Hits: 3619 )
SOCOM MacDill AFB, Florida, including Guest Book, Photos, Names and Complete Roster with Inscription. (id.5525)
(Hits: 3197 )
281st AHC Intruders "Bandit 24". "We were the ones that put you guys in the woods and got your ass outa there when you called :-)" (id.5408)
(Hits: 3062 )

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