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160th SOAR (5)
160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne), Ft. Campbell, Kentucky.... (id.462)
Skyhook (3)
Fulton Recovery Systems, Skyhook System, Human Pickups... (id.463)
United States Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command... (id.464)
United States Army Special Operations Command... (id.465)

  Links not in Specific Cats Above:

U. S. Special Operators who were awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor including date, location, and a description of action. (id.5524)
(Hits: 2239 )
The mission of the Ravens was to support indigenous forces in Laos in their fight against invading forces from North Vietnam. (id.5526)
(Hits: 2224 )
Special operations commander outlines future threats. (id.5519)
(Hits: 2141 )
Special operations forces intelligence and electronic warfare operations with references and glossary; Fort Monroe, Virginia. (id.5539)
(Hits: 2027 )
Psychological operations and warfare with a history and what this is today. (id.5540)
(Hits: 2027 )
The 281st Assault Helicopter Company is recoginized as the US Army's first Special Operations Helicopter Unit. Unit was in direct support of 5th SF Gp and Project Delta (id.5409)
(Hits: 1886 )
This is a page in tribute of the men and woman of the special forces. We hope you enjoy it. (id.11331)
(Hits: 1578 )
Headquarters Fort Bragg, North Carolina, Vital information for the Airborne-Special Operations-Infantry community U.S. Army-wide. (id.5533)
(Hits: 1109 )
The 195th AHC was an air asset of CCS MACVSOG from 1967-1970 in Vietnam. (id.8096)
(Hits: 1066 )
CMH publication 70-42 by David W. Hogan with forward and division of operations by location with index, bibliography, maps and illustrations. (id.8621)
(Hits: 1058 )
Listings of SEA Call Signs, Project/Programs/Ops, Lima Sites, Victor Sites, Maps and more. Feedback Form for additions to the databases. (id.5527)
(Hits: 1050 )
This Interactive private site for members of the 195th AHC, CCS, B-56, B-50, and B-52. (id.11653)
(Hits: 962 )
Special Operations Acquisition and Logistics Center, 7701 Tampa Point Blvd. MacDill AFB, Fl 33621-5323 (id.5520)
(Hits: 951 )
Dedicated to the memory of the men of MACVSOG with history and stories. (id.12856)
(Hits: 936 )
From different life styles and every part of the country they came to fight the enemy in the jungles of Burma. (id.5521)
(Hits: 925 )
Detailed info given from the US General Accounting Office on the Joint Special Operations Command. (id.10891)
(Hits: 883 )

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