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Membership is limited to forces who aided or took part in missions deep inside hostile territory in a combat capacity. (id.5546)
(Hits: 7305 )
ASOSA is a not profit organization of professional Law Enforcement and Military Snipers; includes application. (id.5562)
(Hits: 4459 )
Home page for the veterans of the USAF Air Commandos/Special Operations from WWII to the present. (id.7492)
(Hits: 4145 )
This is the home page of a new association for members of the five mike forces in the RVN. (id.5547)
(Hits: 3494 )
Welcome to the UDT-SEAL Association and Museum website. Both of these nonprofit organizations support and memorialize the men of today's SEAL teams and those of the forerunners. (id.5553)
(Hits: 3397 )
The Special Operations Medical Association (SOMA) has contacted the CONTOMS program to advise us that their programs are open to CONTOMS program graduates and other interested parties. (id.7469)
(Hits: 3335 )
Discover the heroic exploits of Force Recon Marines, including Medal of Honor recipients. Find current news, a members board and links to related sites. (id.5549)
(Hits: 3055 )
Home of the 71st, 17th and 18th Special Operations Squadrons (id.5590)
(Hits: 2544 )
Vietnam Veterans having served in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. (id.5551)
(Hits: 2473 )
"To preserve the memories and comradeship kindled by the mutual experience of service with the 160th SOAR(A)." (id.5554)
(Hits: 2447 )
Shortly before midnight on November 20, 1970, at Udorn Royal Thailand Air Base in Northern Thailand, 56 US Army Special Forces Troopers boarded two USAF HH-53s and one HH-3 for a mission deep into enemy territory to rescue 75 or more Americans held by the North Vietnamese authorities. (id.5550)
(Hits: 2300 )
Combat Controllers (CCT) are ground combat forces assigned to Special Tactics Squadrons within the Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC). (id.5561)
(Hits: 2289 )
Official Web Site for the USAFPA which is provided for it's members, family and friends. (id.5555)
(Hits: 2034 )
Association of USAF veterans who served in Air Commandos and USAF Special Operations units from WWII to the present. (id.5548)
(Hits: 1895 )
We Welcome all who served at Khe Sanh, Republic of South Vietnam, during the years of 1962-1972. (id.6348)
(Hits: 1839 )
This page attempts to truthfully reflect the place of Air America in the history of the war in South East Asia. (id.5552)
(Hits: 1781 )

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