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Charles R. Buckley's Air America photo album "Udorn - Laos" 1968-69" (id.5564)
(Hits: 2199 )
CIA has posted on its website a very interesting account of its air operations in Laos, 1955-1974. (id.5568)
(Hits: 1944 )
The EC-47 in the 361st TEWS at NKP, The EC-47Q in the 361st Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron, a part of the 56th Special Operations Wing at Nakhon Phanom Royal Thai Air Force Base in northeast Thailand in 1973-74. (id.5591)
(Hits: 1223 )
Weapons Mechanic and door gunner with the 21st Helicopter Squadron located at Nakhon Phanom Royal Thai Air Force Base, Thailand. (id.5589)
(Hits: 1072 )
Status in 1973: Missing in Action, 16th Special Operations Squadron, Ubon Airbase, Thailand. (id.2261)
(Hits: 891 )
This organization supported SF Groups all over SEA. I'm surprised you don't list it. Maybe I missed it. gsp (id.13835)
(Hits: 626 )

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