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Medal of Honor, Airman 1st Class John Lee Levitow, 6 November 1969, U.S. Air Force, 3rd Special Operations Squadron, Over Long Binh Army Post, Republic of Vietnam. (id.5585)
(Hits: 2764 )
Medal of Honor, Major Bernard Francis Fisher, 10 March 1966, 1st Air Commandos, near Dam Nong, Republic of Viet Nam. (id.5588)
(Hits: 1558 )
Medal of Honor, LTC Joe Madison Jackon, 13 June 1968, 311th Air Commandos Squadron, Da Nang Air Base, Republic of Vietnam. (id.5586)
(Hits: 1262 )
Medal of Honor, 1st Lt. James Philip Fleming, 26 November 1968, United States Air Force, 20th Special Operations, Squadron, Near Duc Co, Republic of Viet Nam. (id.5583)
(Hits: 1218 )
Medal of Honor, Colonel William A. Jones, III, 1 September 1968,U.S. Air Force, 602nd Special Operations Squadron, Near Dong Hoi, North Vietnam. (id.5587)
(Hits: 1218 )
Medal of Honor, Captain Hilliard Almond WIlbanks, 24 February 1967, U.S. Air Force, 21st Tactical Air Support, Near Da Lat, Republic of Vietnam. (id.5584)
(Hits: 875 )

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