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Combat Controllers are the U. S. Air Forces secret warriors leading the assault. (id.11323)
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Steven Adams a USAF pararescue,know as "PJ",MIA in thr Gulf of Tonkin North Viet Nam,Aircraft and crew vanished after picking up a down pilot in the waters of North Viet Nam coast. Adams and other POW's were said to be held for randsom. (id.8090)
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Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) and ROMADs. Air Force TACPs that are stationed with, work with and provide Close air Support (CAS) for Army Rangers And Special Forces. (id.11760)
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Waterpump7's Personal Page (id.11169)
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Dedicated in Respectful Memory to the Pilots and Crews of "Spirit 03" and "Jockey 14" who gave their lives serving our country on the AC-130H Spectre Gunships. (id.12053)
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