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Home: US Air Force Commandos


Air America (6)
Air America and Civil Air Transport (CAT) in South East Asia (SEA), including Personal Pages..... (id.352)
Medal of Honor Recipients (6)
United States Air Force Special Operations Medal of Honor Recipients with Bios and Photo.. (id.351)
Personal Pages (5)
Individuals pages about themselves and other Commandos.. (id.469)
Wings - Squadrons - Groups (8)
United States Air Force Special Operations Wings, Squadrons (SOS) and Groups... (id.354)

  Links not in Specific Cats Above:

Complete and detailed information on USAF Special Tactics including Pararescue, Combat Control, Combat Weather, and support personnel. Awsome forums moderated by real world pararescuemen, combat controllers, and combat control officers. (id.5566)
(Hits: 26122 )
US Air Force Special Operations with updates on CCT Pipeline and AST, history, Careerfield description and photo album. James J. Thede (id.5596)
(Hits: 14311 )
We carry a large selection of USAF Air Commando Special Operations Air Rescue Gunship pararescue unit insignia and coins. (id.7645)
(Hits: 11071 )
The mission of a Pararescueman is to recover downed and injured aircrew members in austere and non-permissive environments. (id.5580)
(Hits: 10395 )
US Air Force Special Operations with procedures, overview, course class dates, history and photo albums. James J. Thede (id.5597)
(Hits: 9192 )
USAFSOS is on Hurlburt Field, on Florida's Northwest Gulf Coast in the Alison Building (Bldg. 90503), 357 Tully Street, one block east of the Lodging Office. (id.5572)
(Hits: 7967 )
The USAF Special Operations Wing have a history that dates back to W.W.II. Officially, the 1st Air Commando Group came into being on March 29, 1944. (id.7471)
(Hits: 7090 )
U.S. Air Force 20th Special Operations Squadron (SOS) was assigned the task of supporting the MACV SOG recon teams in the mid 1960ís. (id.5576)
(Hits: 6606 )
US Air Force Special Operations with careerfield description, eligibility, mission, overview and photo album. (id.5595)
(Hits: 4628 )
Overview with background information given with some info taken from a "Dark Sky" by Orr Kelly. (id.10872)
(Hits: 4141 )
A mobile, self-contained unit of 400 airmen with a range of skills and construction equipment; Hurlburt Field, Florida. (id.5592)
(Hits: 3080 )
MAJCOM home page: short history, news, aircraft and unit fact sheets (at Library), 4-day Hurlburt Field weather forecast (id.5578)
(Hits: 2332 )
Liberation of Kuwait (Desert Shield/Storm), Lt Gen Charles A. Horner past Commander, MacDill AFB, Tampa, Fla. (id.5579)
(Hits: 1669 )
Gathering place for members of the MH-53J/M PAVE LOW career field, maintenance and ops, past and present. (id.13224)
(Hits: 1523 )
The Air Commando Association is dedicated to continuing growth, strength, and support of American Special Operation forces through education, charity, research, and historical preservation. It is our Honor ensuring that American military forces continue to have the Special Operations capability required to implement U.S. and Abroad security strategies. (id.15890)
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