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Medal of Honor, SFC Randall D. SHugart, 3 October 1993, U.S. Army, Special Operations, Command, Sniper Team Member, Task Force Ranger, Mogadishu, Somalia. (id.5624)
(Hits: 4944 )
Medal of Honor, Master Sergeant Gary I. Gordon, 3 October 1993, U.S. Army, Sniper Team Leader, Task Force Ranger, Mogadishu, Somalia. (id.5626)
(Hits: 4056 )
Medal of Honor, SSG Laszlo Rabel, 13 November 1968, U.S. Army, Team Delta, 75th Infantry (Ranger), 173rd Brigade (Airborne), Near Binh Dinh Province, Republic of Vietnam. (id.5622)
(Hits: 1949 )
Medal of Honor, SPEC 4 Robert D. Law, 22 February 1969, U.S. Army Ranger, Company I, 7t5th Infantry, 1st Infantry Division, Tinh Phuoc Thanh Province, Republic of Vietnam. (id.5625)
(Hits: 1645 )
Medal of Honor, SSG Robert Joseph Pruden, 29 November 1969, U.S. Army, Co.G, 75th Infaantry (Ranger), Americal Division, Quang Ngai Province, Republic of Vietnam. (id.5623)
(Hits: 1575 )

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