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US Army Rangers, 75th Ranger Regiment, History, Equipment, Weapons, Training, Other units bearing the Ranger name, 21st Century Land Warrior, 21CLW, Joint Special Operations Command, Rogers Rangers (id.7634)
(Hits: 5059 )
House's Ranger Home Page, career of a Retired Soldier that served with the 75th Ranger RGT, Ranger Training Brigade, 7th Special Operations and 101st Airborne. (id.5609)
(Hits: 3445 )
This site is dedicated to a Brother and his Ranger Team, Ranger Team 1-6. And this site also is dedicated to Ranger Team 1-8. Also, it serves as an informational portal for Past, Present and Future Army Rangers (id.5635)
(Hits: 2964 )
Includes info on US Army Special Forces relating to Rangers that includ personal stories, photos and related topics of info. (id.8304)
(Hits: 2724 )
Personal site of Dale Rogers, US Army Airborne Ranger (formerly a US Marine)with resources and photos. (id.9919)
(Hits: 2342 )
Personal site of former Ranger that includes definition of "Hooah" and guestbook. (id.8975)
(Hits: 1915 )
Includes photos and overview of personnal background while serving at Fort Lewis. (id.10019)
(Hits: 1854 )
General info about the Army and enlisting, pictures, links to other military sites, and my special Ranger page. (id.8976)
(Hits: 1841 )
Reviews of military literature focused on the US Army Ranger and includes the Ranger creed, forum and guest book. (id.10685)
(Hits: 1699 )
Personal page done by Ex Buck Sgt. Robert Lawrence which includes information on his time spent in Vietnam. (id.5632)
(Hits: 1636 )
Pictorial of tour in Viet Nam of Platoon Leader of the 2nd Platoon, Charlie Rangers. Photos with captions and includes guestbook. (id.9367)
(Hits: 1438 )
Info given on teaching soldiers, campers, hikers and others on how to survive in the Outdoors done by Richard F. Tscherne, former Army Ranger. (id.10394)
(Hits: 1361 )
Gives unit history, photos, stories and experiences of time with unit and includes list of those who lost thier lives while in unit. (id.8557)
(Hits: 1303 )
Contains history, photos, story and newsletter for Company D (Ranger), 151st Infantry, II Field Force Vietnam from 1968 to 1969. (id.10020)
(Hits: 1197 )
Live interactive Free game, and 75th Ranger team that plays on line in honor of the the 75th Rangers (id.12033)
(Hits: 1134 )
5307 Composite unit of WWII, China, Burma & India theater that has history and info on unit redesignation that is traced to the current 75th Ranger Regiment. (id.8556)
(Hits: 906 )

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