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Home: US Army Rangers


Berets (4)
Ranger Beret Issues... (id.470)
Medal of Honor Receipients (5)
US Army Ranger Medal of Honor Receipients... (id.467)
Memorials and Museums (8)
US Army Ranger Memorials and Museums... (id.471)
Personal Pages (17)
Individuals pages about themselves and other Rangers... (id.468)

  Links not in Specific Cats Above:

Ranger battalions were the US Army's version of the British commando units. (id.5628)
(Hits: 31207 )
Includes info on Ranger creed, history and contains a database, pictures and stories. (id.5636)
(Hits: 30155 )
The 75th Ranger Regiment offers unprecedented opportunities for professional growth and development. (id.5616)
(Hits: 23468 )
Various phases of Ranger requirements described with info on what is required to become a Ranger. (id.5633)
(Hits: 19813 )
RTB at Ft. Benning Ga., to conduct training for Officers and Enlisted Volenteers. Includes Ranger handbook, creed, history, hall of fame, school information and courses; Fort Benning, Georgia. (id.5599)
(Hits: 15448 )
Information on indoctrination, fitness, history, creed and equipment from a retired Ohio Army Ranger. (id.5638)
(Hits: 15319 )
All members of the 75th Ranger Regiment are volunteers who must pass a stringent selection and assessment program before being assigned. (id.5617)
(Hits: 10707 )
We are dedicated to creating and stocking the most unique items for Rangers on the web! (id.11382)
(Hits: 10675 )
Gives history and resources for the US Army Rangers including early and war time Ranger information. (id.10203)
(Hits: 10414 )
Army Ranger community site featuring Ranger news, history, equipment reviews, and intelligent conversation. (id.11251)
(Hits: 9588 )
75th Ranger Regiment Associaiton: for veterans and active duty Rangers, LRS, LRP and LRRP from the Vietnam War to the current 75th Ranger Regiment. (id.5598)
(Hits: 9551 )
An annual three day contest of strength, endurance, and skills testing for Ranger qualified soldiers from around the world. (id.5600)
(Hits: 7640 )
Welcome to the web page of Vietnam veteran LRRP/Rangers that served the 1st Cavalry Division from 1966 until 1972. (id.5606)
(Hits: 7503 )
The home web site for the 101st Airborne LRRP/Rangers of Vietnam. (id.5612)
(Hits: 6877 )
Includes information on recent events, mission, photos, creed and Ranger Hall of Fame. (id.8706)
(Hits: 5679 )
Ranger Requirements and overview from the US Search and Resuce Task Force. (id.5631)
(Hits: 5469 )

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