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Home: US Army Rangers: LINKS_PAGE


Berets (4)
Ranger Beret Issues... (id.470)
Medal of Honor Receipients (5)
US Army Ranger Medal of Honor Receipients... (id.467)
Memorials and Museums (8)
US Army Ranger Memorials and Museums... (id.471)
Personal Pages (17)
Individuals pages about themselves and other Rangers... (id.468)

  Links not in Specific Cats Above:

Units specifically designated as Rangers and using Ranger tactics were employed on the American frontier as early as 1670. (id.5619)
(Hits: 4170 )
Welcome to The Company F 50TH (Inf) LRP (id.5611)
(Hits: 3967 )
Includes interviews and info on weapons & technology with aerial photos and battle stories of the Rangers. (id.9479)
(Hits: 3662 )
Home of the Airborne Ranger Racing Team. Crushes the competition with an Airborne Ranger decorated Monster Truck and smokes 'em with an oval racing Super Truck. (id.5603)
(Hits: 3625 )
Company E Long Range Patrol, 20th Infantry (Airborne) and Company C (Ranger), 75th Infantry (Airborne) Association, Inc. (id.5610)
(Hits: 3318 )
Includes history, reunion information and finding team mates sections for LRRP brigades, companies and divisions. (id.10232)
(Hits: 3247 )
Major Robert Rogers 1759 Standing Orders. (id.5618)
(Hits: 3113 )
Gives description of courses with requirements and information on Ranger School PT Program. (id.9712)
(Hits: 3054 )
Has overview of book, reviews, speaking engagement info, instructor's guide, area to ask questions and information on the author. (id.10220)
(Hits: 2383 )
The Ranger Listserver is open to anyone who has a legitimate interest in Rangers and Rangering. LRPs, LRRPS, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Batt Boys -- even Officers are tolerated. Great chance to find old buddies and make new ones. (id.10873)
(Hits: 1984 )
Overview of information that includes Mountain Ranger history, mission, events, services, photos and facilities; Dahlonega, Georgia. (id.8856)
(Hits: 1782 )
Unofficial site for the 29th Infantry Division's Long Range Surveillance Company with drill dates, announcements and events. (id.9788)
(Hits: 1591 )
Contains a slide show, activities, unit roster, mission and membership information. (id.8704)
(Hits: 1564 )
War is a non profit orginization for Rangers etc. (id.11722)
(Hits: 1272 )
Info on programs and approach with a hands-on leaning specializing in teamwork, leadership & communication modeled after the US Army Rangers. (id.9078)
(Hits: 1260 )
Has Ranger creed, officers, history, membership requirements and search for lost and/or never found rangers by company or first letter of last name. (id.8705)
(Hits: 1141 )

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