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Medal of Honor, LTJG Joseph Robert Kerrey, 14 March 1969, U.S. Navy, SEAL Team, Near Nhu Trang, Republic of Viet Nam. (id.5703)
(Hits: 3923 )
Medal of Honor, Seaman David G. Ouellet, 6 March 1967, U.S. Navy, River Squadran 5, River Patrol Boat, Republic of Vietnam. (id.5704)
(Hits: 2496 )
Medal of Honor, P O 1st C Michael Edwin Thornton, 31 October 1972, U.S. Navy, River Assault Division 152, Patrol, Republic of Vietnam. (id.5701)
(Hits: 2049 )
Medal of Honor, Lieutenant Thomas G. Kelly, 15 June 1969, U.S. Navy, River Assault Division 152, East Bank of the Ong Muong Canal in Kien Hoa Province, Republic of Vietnam. (id.5700)
(Hits: 1717 )
Medal of Honor, Lieutenant Thomas Rollard Norris, 10-13 April 1972, U.S. Navy, U>S. Military Advisory Command, Vietnam, Studies and Observations Group, Quang Tri Province, Republic of Vietnam. (id.5702)
(Hits: 1704 )
Medal of Honor, Bos'n 1st C James E. Williams, 31 October 1966, U.S. Navy, RIver Section 531, My Tho, Republic of Vietnam. (id.5705)
(Hits: 1683 )

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