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Home: US Navy SEALS: Mobile Riverine Forces

  Links not in Specific Cats Above:

History, equipment, photo gallery, and personal commentary by the author. (id.8820)
(Hits: 10259 )
Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard serving from the land, sea and air in the Mekong Delta. (id.6886)
(Hits: 5440 )
Personnal page of river vet with photos of his time in Vietnam aboard Swift boats; 1968 to 1969. (id.6920)
(Hits: 4559 )
Experience the Naval Mobile Riverine Force in action in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam. (id.5672)
(Hits: 3891 )
Includes history of PBR's, naval biography, photos and personnel information of division 533. (id.6885)
(Hits: 3433 )
Nashville, TN high school project of getting information on the Viet Nam War on the internet with info on the Naval aviator, Brown-Water Navy, Coast Guard, Navy Seals and more. (id.8370)
(Hits: 2946 )
Psy/Pol Warfare and seaborne deception. The forgotten step child of the Naval Special Warfare Community. The FIRST Special Warfare Group in combat Ops WWII, KOREA and Vietnam. Worked with 5th SF (Abn), 1st SF, B-43 and A-421 among a number of other SF Units in RVN. (id.9888)
(Hits: 2878 )
Photo tour of the Mekong Delta from 1967 to 1971 that includes reunion information. (id.8948)
(Hits: 2521 )
Site to honor the men who served and the boats that brought them down the coastal waterways of Vietnam. (id.6922)
(Hits: 1978 )
Contains crew directory, swiftboat background, specifications and patrol areas. (id.8739)
(Hits: 1759 )
Unoffficial river section, division 531, Patrol Boat River(PBR)with Navy code name of "Game Warden" (id.6888)
(Hits: 1670 )
A history of this division done with photos in Vietnam. (id.6889)
(Hits: 1631 )
Gives history of River Division, list of sailors in division, photos, reunion info and patrol records. (id.8949)
(Hits: 1589 )
Provides division roster, history of the division, photos and areas division was in and operation it was involved. (id.9511)
(Hits: 1575 )
River division 552; Tra Cu, Vietnam with photos and first hand experiences. (id.6887)
(Hits: 1572 )
Information on the objectives of the Market Time coastal patrol with info on equipment and strategies. (id.6918)
(Hits: 1496 )

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