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Personal thoughts included with requirements, training guide, photos and BUD/s information. (id.10309)
(Hits: 6332 )
I just joined the navy, and wont be heading to boot camp for a year yet. Im on my way to become a SEAL, hopefully. I am going to be a Gunners Mate. That is as far as I know so far. (id.5694)
(Hits: 5216 )
Information given on his experiences with photos and a guestbook. (id.9368)
(Hits: 4408 )
Overview of Richard Marcinko, Navy Seal with his military background and 30 year career with experience in intelligence, counter-terrorism and special operations. (id.8300)
(Hits: 3744 )
Chief James "Patches" Watson, US Navy Seal Team Two with pictures and review of book are given. (id.9650)
(Hits: 2862 )
Andrew's navy SEAL Site. Do you think you got what it takes? With Weapons, Gear, Vehiclesand Guest Book.. (id.7603)
(Hits: 2724 )
Personal page of Navy Seal Corpsman, Erasmo "Doc" Riojas with overview of military career and photos. (id.9651)
(Hits: 2147 )
Location to compile collection of stories and photos for Teams and their families. (id.9649)
(Hits: 2071 )
Robert K. Wagner, plankowner SEAL Team One Facts on his deployments to Viet Nam and his involvement in the development of the PRU program (id.12419)
(Hits: 1718 )
Sam's photo taken in 1947, "Jim's" picture during the diving operation in 1949. (id.7602)
(Hits: 1287 )

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