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Photos and an overview of information for the Seals and what they accomplish. (id.5708)
(Hits: 11065 )
Naval Special Warfare Development Group is responsible for U.S. counterterrorist operations in the maritime environment.. (id.7468)
(Hits: 7207 )
WELCOME ABOARD ! I hope that after traveling through my web pages that you leave with an idea of the pride that I share with all my teammates. (id.5681)
(Hits: 6500 )
Teams trace their history back to the first group of volunteers selected from the Naval Construction Battalions in the spring of 1943. (id.5689)
(Hits: 3318 )
Underwater Demolition Team 7, Original US NAVY Frogmen, U S Navy UDT/SEALs, A Reminder to become a UDT (Frogman) you had to be a US Navy SeaBee. (id.5682)
(Hits: 2761 )
Overview of information on team with qualifications and experience of members. (id.8517)
(Hits: 1953 )
"The first Naval Combat Demolition Unit started with thirteen volunteers, Fred Wise, Dillard Williams, Bill Dawson, Frank Kaine, Jonny Wilhide, Bill Armstong.. (id.7606)
(Hits: 1656 )
The six postwar UDTs were designated Teams Able, Baker, Charlie, Dog, Echo, and Foxtrot, consisting of about four officers and 50 enlisted each. (id.7605)
(Hits: 1419 )
Naval Special Warfare Operations Research, acquire, maintain, and deploy tactical Command, Control, Communications, and Computer Intelligence (C4I) equipment in support of Task Group and Task Unit Commanders. (id.7644)
(Hits: 1359 )
To all of the IRON MEN of the Salvage Navy, wherever they may be, this Webpage is respectfully dedicated, Jack A. Faessler. (id.5693)
(Hits: 1351 )

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