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Virginia Beach, VA August 3 - 9, 2002 The only event of it’s kind! In this 7-day course, participants will experience parachuting, scuba diving, map and compass, land navigation and SEAL “Hell Week” type physical training evolutions. Lessons and certification in parachuting and scuba diving are included in the package, including pool, Bay and open ocean scuba dives, and 14,000-foot sky dives. Other activities include pool drills, soft-sand runs, log PTs, Physical Readiness Tests (PRT), boat exercises and other elements of SEAL training. Mission training includes instruction in strategy, stealth and field communications. The events are led by of a group of highly trained Navy SEAL instructors and other Special Forces personnel. (id.10807)
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Official recruiting site for BUD/S including indoctrination, fitness standards and phases of training. (id.10070)
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Your questions about the TEAMs answered.Do you want to know what it takes to get through BUD/S or why SEALs never quit?.. (id.7596)
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Official Recruiting Site for the US Navy Seals with performance schedule, history and mission. (id.5711)
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Official U.S. Navy SEAL Candidate Information Web Site (id.11665)
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