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Home: US Navy SEALS


Medals of Honor (6)
US Navy SEAL Medal of Honor recipeients... (id.413)
Mobile Riverine Forces (24)
Viet Nam Brown Water Navy, River Divisions, Coastal and Swift Boat related sites.. (id.552)
Personal Pages (10)
Individuals pages about themselves and other SEALS...(id.412)
Teams (10)
Sites about Navy SEAL and UDT Teams.. (id.415)
Training (5)
BUDs and SEAL Training sites... (id.414)

  Links not in Specific Cats Above:

The Official United States Navy SEALs Website. (id.5673)
(Hits: 34326 )
Unofficial Navy SEAL and BUD photos, art, vidios and books. (id.5674)
(Hits: 16814 )
Pictures, breaking news, training, history, their prayer, SEALS that died in combat, and much much more! (id.11498)
(Hits: 11370 )
Official recruiting information for Navy SEALs. Shop here for SEAL Gear. (id.5696)
(Hits: 10196 )
Includes details on the history, operations, equipment and training of the U.S. Navy SEALs. (id.5671)
(Hits: 9496 )
Gives requirements, history, training, weapons, equipment and stories with recruiting contact information. (id.9121)
(Hits: 9221 )
The Original SEAL Verification Project. (id.5679)
(Hits: 8394 )
"The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday". Behind the scene look at the clandestine US Navy Frogmen - the SEALS. (id.5677)
(Hits: 7610 )
Organization, training, missions, and locations with photos of SEAL teams, Special Boat Units . and weapon systems (id.10251)
(Hits: 7282 )
Exposing phony and wannbee SEALs..... (id.11591)
(Hits: 6031 )
Some history, equipmnt, pictures, training, news and prayer. (id.11257)
(Hits: 5929 )
Upholding the Honor and Integrity of US Navy SEALs, with Wannabee information. (id.5698)
(Hits: 5919 )
The U S Naval Special Warfare Archives website is about the history of the Underwater Demolition Teams and the Navy SEALs and phony, wannbe SEAL imposters. (id.5680)
(Hits: 5707 )
This site will trace the Naval Commando's roots from the NCDU, UDT and Scouts & Raiders of WWII. There the "Naked Warrior" emerged to clear the path for the Allied landings at Normandy and in the Pacific. (id.5695)
(Hits: 4922 )
This site is dedicated to the SEAL TEAMS. It Explanes there trainning and history and much more.... (id.11730)
(Hits: 4833 )
Great Photos at UDT SEAL Museum 3300 N A1A N. Hutchinson Island Ft. Pierce, Florida. (id.5688)
(Hits: 4375 )

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