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Events, scholarships, membership, programs and veterans service for the state of Michigan. (id.5908)
(Hits: 290 )
Ida, Michigan, The Lynn Weeman Post Nice Reception Hall, Stop on By. (id.11801)
(Hits: 262 )
Officer and member information for post located in Lapeer, Michigan. (id.5903)
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Officers, news and profile information; Brooklyn, Michigan. (id.5905)
(Hits: 227 )
Calendar, events, news, SAL and Auxiliary information for post located in Ypsilanti, Michigan. (id.5906)
(Hits: 222 )
Carl A. Johnson Post officers, meeting details with history; Grand Rapids, Michigan. (id.5898)
(Hits: 198 )
Officers and bio of post with overview of Legion information; Coloma, Michigan. (id.5900)
(Hits: 196 )
Legion hours and location with monthly event information; Lincoln Park, Michigan. (id.5901)
(Hits: 193 )
Hall Rental, Post History, Events Calendar, Links, Photos, Newsletter (id.15163)
(Hits: 162 )

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