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Stetser-Lamartine Post 281, American Legion, is a veterans’ service organization located in Gloucester Township, NJ. We provide support and assistance to veterans, our troops overseas, their families and throughout our community. (id.5919)
(Hits: 238 )
Offers information on Department Officers, Programs, Publications, Elgibility, and Schedule of events for New Jersey Legionaires (id.5910)
(Hits: 213 )
Louis Wenzel Jr. Post officers, events, activities and Auxiliary information; Elmwood Park, New Jersey. (id.5918)
(Hits: 209 )
Stevenson-D'Alessio Post history and news; Sommerville, New Jersey. (id.5921)
(Hits: 207 )
The American Legion, New Jersey Chapter (id.11546)
(Hits: 192 )
John Wesley Taylor Post officers wieh meeting information, bar hours of operation and more; Barnegat, New Jersey. (id.5915)
(Hits: 179 )
Officers, Auxiliar info, bulletin, ceremonial unit, fundraising and news; Farmingdale & Howell, New Jersey. (id.5923)
(Hits: 178 )

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