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Calendar of events, activity, membership report, baseball schedule, officers and post locater for the area. (id.6151)
(Hits: 223 )
Direction with info on post, legion, auxiliary, community service programs and more; Springfield, Virginia. (id.6131)
(Hits: 209 )
Bicentennial Post with calendar of events, newsletters, location, officer and member info; Annandale, Virginia. (id.6146)
(Hits: 203 )
Programs, officers, evernts and membership information for the state of Virginia. (id.6148)
(Hits: 200 )
Botts Payne Murphy Post, "The Friendly Post" with events, officer and other info; Woodbridge, Virginia. (id.6147)
(Hits: 195 )
Hampton Roads Post with calendar of events, directions and profile page; Hampton, Virginia. (id.6143)
(Hits: 192 )
Wayne M. Kidwell Post with officer and other post information; Herndon-Reston, Virginia. (id.6138)
(Hits: 190 )
Events and annual calendar with community service activities and brief history of post and goals; Centerville, Virginia. (id.6144)
(Hits: 188 )
Newsletter, events, programs, activities, membership, and photos; Albermarle County, Charlottesville, Virginia. (id.6145)
(Hits: 184 )
Post officers and news for post located in Norfolk, Virginia. (id.6149)
(Hits: 183 )
Officers, news, calendar of events, auxiiary and much more for this post; Lynchburg, Virginia. (id.6133)
(Hits: 177 )
Information on merbership, officers, auxiliary, hall rentals and calendar of events; Falls Church, Virginia. (id.6135)
(Hits: 175 )
Tour of site available with calendar of events, archives and legion baseball; Hampton, Virginia. (id.6139)
(Hits: 175 )
Department of Virginia with 14 distinctive posts each different but with the Veteran and Active Duty Military in mind. (id.11507)
(Hits: 165 )
The Blue & Gray Post with a business section, photos and post news and meeting info; Falls Church, Virginia. (id.6136)
(Hits: 157 )
Overview of location and history of area for this post in Culpeper, Virginia. (id.6140)
(Hits: 155 )

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