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Catholic (7)
Catholic Related Veteran Sites.. (id.602)
Jewish (J W V) (7)
Jewish War Veterans of the US including Chapters, Posts, Departments, Counsils etc.. (id.617)
Merchant Marine (6)
AMMV - American Merchant Marine Veteran.. (id.647)
Motorcycle (12)
Motorcycle Related Veteran Sites.. (id.603)
Navy (4)
Surface Navy Association sites.. (id.625)
Purple Heart (MOPH) (5)
Military Order of the Purple Heart with Chapters and other related sites.. (id.620)
Vietnam (V V A) (28)
National Vietnam Veterans of America Organization including local chapters.. (id.616)

  Links not in Specific Cats Above:

We Welcome all who served at Khe Sanh, Republic of South Vietnam, during the years of 1962-1972. (id.6348)
(Hits: 1839 )
Combat Infantrymen's Association NationalHeadquarters Web Site (id.6362)
(Hits: 566 )
Submarine sailors of the United States Navy (USSVI)with resources, application and veteran information for this group. (id.6365)
(Hits: 560 )
Offers information on events, reunions, associations, scholarships and more with mission of group. (id.6361)
(Hits: 550 )
VETSŪ is a private program for vets and families with info on reunions, locating buddies and consumer services. (id.6350)
(Hits: 545 )
E-Mail's registered on site that lists the name, rank, year of separation, e-mail address. (id.6351)
(Hits: 520 )
Contains reunion information, history of PBR Forces, membership info and photos formed for former PBR sailors. (id.6377)
(Hits: 520 )
Articles, documents, vaccines, photos, newsletter and events information with a focus on the "Gulf War Illness" and related veteran resources. (id.6367)
(Hits: 514 )
The Army and Navy Union, founded in 1886, is the oldest veterans' organization in America. (id.6352)
(Hits: 514 )
Membership now includes Marines from the Korean War Era, Desert Storm and writers/authors interested in the Vietnam War, as well as active duty Marines. (id.6385)
(Hits: 503 )
Membership information, events, artists showcase, music, literary and galleries. (id.6378)
(Hits: 498 )
108th TFW, 108th ARW and 170th ARG alumni and retiree association to preserve history of McGuire based Air Guard units; McGuire AFB, New Jersey. (id.6386)
(Hits: 497 )
News and information with publications, benefits, membership information and legislator issues. (id.6360)
(Hits: 476 )
Non-profit corporation chartered by the State of Delaware dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of Veterans Benefits. (id.6394)
(Hits: 474 )
(VHFCN)Non profit organization that provides recreational communications to aircrew members who served in Vietnam during the period 1961 to 1975. (id.6391)
(Hits: 448 )
Oldest Federally Chartered Naval Organization. Serving active service and retired Navy, Marine and Coast Guard. (id.6392)
(Hits: 447 )

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