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"Serving past, present, and future women in the military" with female issues and topics. (id.6840)
(Hits: 915 )
Official site of the Women's Army Corps Veterans' Association. (id.6834)
(Hits: 605 )
Detailed history of women in the military with many topics and much trivia. (id.6842)
(Hits: 586 )
Dedicated to American Women in the Military and their involvement in war... (id.7465)
(Hits: 548 )
History from the Revolutionary War to present with many current female issues and many women topics related to military to view. (id.8099)
(Hits: 505 )
Assesses needs of women veterans regarding benefit programs and health services; headquartered in Washington DC (id.6837)
(Hits: 498 )
Military educational, service & social sorority for women. Opened to females who are or have been members of the US armed forces for at least 6 months. (id.6839)
(Hits: 483 )
Research and distribution of info on PTSD, Agent Orange and Gulf War diseases, counseling centers, retreats, homeless veterans and publications are the focus of this group. (id.10874)
(Hits: 483 )
Dedicated to all Marines and Women veterans who served their country. (id.6844)
(Hits: 481 )
A non-profit, non-political veterans association for women who have served in the United States Marine Corps, regular or reserve components. (id.6835) (id.10653)
(Hits: 476 )
Site dedicated to all female American veterans, particularly those who died in the service of their country... (id.7464)
(Hits: 473 )
Organization to preserve the history and legacy of the working women, volunteers included during the war years and to promote patriotism; Birmingham, Alabama. (id.6846)
(Hits: 472 )
Female health related issues and resources that are available to the female veterans. (id.6838)
(Hits: 468 )
Dedicated to the history of the Women Airforce Service Pilots of World War II and stories before, during and after WWII. (id.6845)
(Hits: 458 )
History, membership information, events, reunions and chapter locations for the NNCA. (id.6841)
(Hits: 435 )

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