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American Legion (331)
American Legion Posts and
National Head Quarters.... (id.264)
National Head Quarters.... (id.293)
Associations and Clubs (116)
All Veterans Associations and
Clubs not in Specific Category. (id.302)
DAV (39)
Disabled American Veterans
Chapters............ (id.303)
Departments by State (53)
Department of Veterans Affairs in
each state....... (id.310)
Medical (18)
Medical Issues Insurance and
General Medical Information... (id.311)
PVA (16)
Paralyzed Veterans of America
Offices............ (id.312)
VFW Posts (229)
Veterans of Foriegn Wars Posts
and National Head Quarters.... (id.313)
WAVES National and National
Units.... (id.320)
Women Vets (15)
General Women Veteran
Sites.............. (id.321)

  Links not in Specific Cats Above:

Military, veterans issues and MIA/POW resource center. (id.5744)
(Hits: 816 )
The Veterans Employment and Training Services resource and information for Veterans. (id.5749)
(Hits: 807 )
News and schedule information and more for AVTT memorial of those POW/MIA and KIA in the Vietnam war and southeast Asia. (id.5727)
(Hits: 793 )
A tribute site to veterans and military of all branches of the armed services in the US. (id.5732)
(Hits: 777 )
The Office of Strategic Services Society celebrates the historical ccomplishments of the OSS. (id.11167)
(Hits: 682 )
Military questions answered that include over 20 areas of information such as an Alumni directory, obtaining records, support and humor. (id.10422)
(Hits: 665 )
Includes classifieds, trivia, weekly stories, info on US Wars, POW/MIA, flag sales and guest book. (id.9991)
(Hits: 614 )
Publication with articles and viewable archives that has veteran focused information. (id.5726)
(Hits: 612 )
Contains resources for Americans, agencies and groups that assist and/or inform veterans and military on comtemporary issues. (id.8284)
(Hits: 604 )
Top Stories Ticker with news, calendar of events, resources and POW/MIA information. (id.8316)
(Hits: 603 )
Programs and information on what this organization has for veterans. (id.5736)
(Hits: 597 )
The history and Heritage Society of the US Naval Services. Founded 4 July 1890 it is believed to be the nations oldest naval history and heritage society (id.5730)
(Hits: 589 )
Part of the Federal Research Division and maintained by the Library of Congress, this database contains over 130,000 records. (id.10421)
(Hits: 585 )
Photos and information on the 1950s Navy with a live 24 hour weather web cam from Los Angeles featuring sky condition. Also bio terror links and photos and info on Las Vegas,Hollywood and Hollywood star grave sites. (id.10781)
(Hits: 583 )
We are a Interanational Veterans Organization. Veterans and Military Personal around the world are welcome to join us. (id.10183)
(Hits: 529 )
Information source for veterans and their dependents on and off the net that includes news, advocacy, claims research, publications and more. (id.5743)
(Hits: 495 )

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