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History of code talkers as well as an overview of the American Indian serving in the Military with details of original code and code talkers manual. (id.6953)
(Hits: 847 )
Contains information on the use of Dogs in World War I, WW II, Post War Korea, Vietnam and the current use status with photos. (id.6956)
(Hits: 681 )
A cpmprehensive web directory od research sites of warfare from World War One to Bosnia. (id.10255)
(Hits: 631 )
A listing of searchable military databases from the Revolutionary War to the 20th Century. (id.11424)
(Hits: 610 )
National organization of American Military Officers and their descendants, from the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Gurad, NOAA and USPHS, active, reserve and retired. (id.7377)
(Hits: 576 )
Military history that includes information on wars from the Revolutionary War to World War II. (id.10137)
(Hits: 575 )
Exhibit of the National Security Agency involving Native American language being used to encrypt communications during the Great War and World War II. (id.6954)
(Hits: 560 )
Information on the 7 Year War, Revolutionary War, Civil War and armored vehicles with essays on aircraft tactics of WWII, Falklands War and Stormtrooper tactics of WWI. (id.10088)
(Hits: 541 )
Regimental history includes WW1, WW2, Vietnam, the Gulf War, Bosnia, Ft Lewis, Ft Carson, Fort Bragg, Fort Polk, Fort Hood and Germany. (id.6951)
(Hits: 540 )
WIPA uses storytelling to humanize the people affected by war to prevent and end armed conflict. (id.9993)
(Hits: 529 )
History of this National Guard infantry includes the Civil War, World War I and World War II; 1946 to present, located in New York. (id.6952)
(Hits: 525 )
Unofficial, personal album of David Rosenthal's with photos and comments about 127th Med CO in Bosnia. (id.6955)
(Hits: 509 )
Manuscripts Department preserves important research resources for every major American conflict. (id.9690)
(Hits: 476 )
Disabled Veterans information center,Veterans health issues,How to file a VA claim,Agent Orange conditions,Gulf War Syndrom (id.15813)
(Hits: 0 )

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