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Home: Wars: Korea

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Learn more about this forgotten war. Take at look at what happen and the countries who fought. (id.6977)
(Hits: 898 )
Details of the Korean War given including timeline, UN Forces, casualties and map of Korea. (id.10047)
(Hits: 766 )
Special Operations Information, Insignia and U.S. Forces Information. (id.6979)
(Hits: 700 )
Includes photos, maps and information on soldiers fighting at the Chosin Resevoie in 1950. (id.10049)
(Hits: 668 )
US Center of Military History presents study maps, official histories, and campaign summaries. (id.6972)
(Hits: 665 )
An association of persons who have seen honorable service during the Korean War at any time between June 25, 1950 and 31 January 1955. (id.6983)
(Hits: 662 )
Information given on the F-86 Sabre,F9F Panther and MiG-15 with photo and overview that inculdes use. (id.8200)
(Hits: 648 )
Alphabetical list of over 130 Korean War Medal of Honor recipients and their stories. (id.6987)
(Hits: 647 )
Gives squadron history, origin of "Cottonpickers", info on planes, photos, reunion info and war stories. (id.8979)
(Hits: 619 )
State-Level Casualty Lists for the Korean Conflict, sorted Alphabetically by Last Name of Casualty. (id.6980)
(Hits: 603 )
A national museum to honor Korean War veterans is in the development stage in Tuscola, Illinois, USA. For detailed information about the Korean War Veterans National Museum and Library, check out this site. (id.6982)
(Hits: 601 )
Collection and information on Korean War Friendly Fire incidents that took military lives. (id.10012)
(Hits: 597 )
Dedicated to the Marines and Navy Corpsmen who served with, or were attached to D Company, 7th Marines in Korea. (id.6984)
(Hits: 596 )
Written by David K. Carlisle with background and accomplishments of these specific racially segregated US Army units that were involved in combat in the Korean War. (id.9199)
(Hits: 588 )
Non-profit education site remembering the "Forgotten War" with articles, letters and photos. (id.8560)
(Hits: 586 )
List of Korean War Aces with claims, kills, unit, plane and overview of information with book recommendations. (id.8199)
(Hits: 585 )

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