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Within hours of receiving orders to move, Ranger units were marshaling at Hunter Army Airfield, Georgia, prepared to board C-130s and MC-130s for the ride to Grenada. (id.6988)
(Hits: 1209 )
In 1988, XVIII Airborne Corps launched Operation Golden Pheasant to counter Nicaraguan (id.6992)
(Hits: 1036 )
Panama, 17 December 1989, The operation was conducted as a campaign with limited military objectives. (id.6990)
(Hits: 933 )
Joint Operations in Grenada 12 October - 2 November 1983 (id.6991)
(Hits: 883 )
Kosovo Order of Battle, Wednesday, June 9, 1999. (id.6993)
(Hits: 882 )
The National Security Archive obtained the hand-written notebooks of Oliver North, the National Security Council aide who helped run the contra war and other Reagan administration covert operations. (id.7000)
(Hits: 785 )
Portal site with information on Operation Enduring Freedom that provides updates news organizations and official military and government sources. (id.10052)
(Hits: 775 )
United States policy toward El Salvador from the Carter Administration's new Central American policy in January 1977 through the Salvadoran Presidential elections of May 1984 that brought José Napoleón Duarte to power. (id.7001)
(Hits: 633 )
The Scope and Sources of the Document Set: The Making of a Scandal, 1983-1988 (id.6997)
(Hits: 584 )
Includes declassified Cuban Documents, audio documents with analysis given. (id.8600)
(Hits: 564 )
The Nicaragua document collection provides an unparalleled contemporary record of the diplomatic, political, paramilitary and economic developments. (id.6998)
(Hits: 550 )
The Contras and Cocaine, Ollie's Drug Plane, Psychological Operations in Guerilla Warfare and Summary. (id.6996)
(Hits: 547 )
Overview that includes info on crisis, map of Cuba, pictures and resources. (id.9909)
(Hits: 507 )

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