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Tuskegee Airmen (15)
Sites about the African-Americans that recieved their wings at Tuskegee Army Air Field during WWII.. (id.530)

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Preserves the memories and artifacts of World War II including photos, letters, diaries, uniforms, ration coupons, maps and weapons. (id.9959)
(Hits: 285 )
LRDG learns as much as possible about the unit, the men and the equipment they used; Jack Valenti is the chief historian, coordinator of equipment and artifact procurement. (id.7355)
(Hits: 278 )
Reproduction of an original Seabee newsletter distributed in the South Pacific to our fighting men during World War II, by U.S. Navy Seabee Roy Tibbets, 1945. (id.7053)
(Hits: 266 )
The Chindits were an allied Special Force formed and lead by General Orde Wingate. They fought behind enemy lines in North Burma during 1943-1944 in the War against Japan. (id.11274)
(Hits: 265 )
Indepth information is given on the units involved in the Battle of Kursk from July, 1st to 13th of 1943. (id.8896)
(Hits: 263 )
Includes message board, overview, guestbook, maps, war diary, documents and sources. (id.10010)
(Hits: 258 )
Personnal stories of World War II by veterans that has forum and information on emailing stories to be included. (id.9256)
(Hits: 250 )
The story of the campaigns of the VII Corps from 1944 to 1945 with lists of anti-aircraft artillery units, armored units and combat divisions. (id.7357)
(Hits: 248 )
The pilot who droppen the first atomic bomb, his mission and story. (id.7049)
(Hits: 245 )
A research resource that lists over 100 separate Heavy and Very Heavy Bombardment Groups of the US Army Air Force in World WarII. (id.7076)
(Hits: 242 )
Operation barbarossa, the german invasion to the Soviet Union (id.11241)
(Hits: 237 )
Information on recovery of crashed WWII aircraft from around the world with stories of the men who flew them. (id.7071)
(Hits: 215 )
Dedicated to those who served in the U.S. 10Th Air Force during World War II, especially my father, Staff Sergeant Theodore R. Winter, Flight Engineer, 7th Bomb Group, 436th Bomb Squadron, aircraft #73, July 1944-July 1945. (id.7058)
(Hits: 210 )
Formed in New England, in 1943, The former soldiers have formed the 150th Combat Engineer Battalion Association. (id.7064)
(Hits: 208 )
Analysis of attack on Pearl Harbor with background information and theories given. (id.8634)
(Hits: 203 )

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