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The untold story of Dogs in Combat focused on Vietnam; but includes info on Operation Desert Starm and WWII with photos. (id.6948)
(Hits: 2273 )
Site supporting the 65-hour History Channel documentary hosted by Charlton Heston. Huge library of 100s of rare interview transcripts. Videos of past shows available for purchase (North America only). (id.9022)
(Hits: 1774 )
General and detailed information about the Finnish-Soviet Winter War, November 30th 1939 - March 13th 1940 (id.6945)
(Hits: 1691 )
Information on Americans who documented our wars including how to transmit photos to registry and how to access registry info. (id.8283)
(Hits: 1654 )
Dedicated to our fallen heroes of the Iraq War. (id.12908)
(Hits: 1496 )
The bases for the journal was the combat mission log I completed following each combat mission and my "Pilot's Flight Logbook". (id.6944)
(Hits: 1424 )
A computerized database containing very basic facts about servicemen who served on both sides during the Civil War with some regiment history and resources. (id.7652)
(Hits: 1423 )
The Indian War period from 1866 to 1890 with some information on the Native American Indian and the Frontier Army. (id.6946)
(Hits: 1402 )
Stories of the US Coast Guard from 1934 to 1952 that includes aviation history with photos and stories of the Air Force from the 40's to the 60's. (id.10812)
(Hits: 1333 )
12 Day WWII tour in the footsteps of those who made history, LTC(R)Thomas Christianson will be your guide for this event. (id.6949)
(Hits: 1281 )
Includes chonology, first hand accounts, US Navy, Spanish Navy, weapons profiles, rosters, photos and much more. (id.6947)
(Hits: 1265 )

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