Last Quarter Meeting

The Wheeler James Chapter

SFA Chapter VI

Charlotte, NC


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"Unabomber Gang" 


"The Cabin"





Randy Seiver 

Assuming the Position

This Weapon 

Needs a Tripod


James Craven



Tom "Doc" McMillan



Kevin Smith



Dennis Myers


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National Headquarters


Paul Payne

After Action Report

35th   Annual  Reunion

and annual meeting of the Wheeler James Chapter  (SFA Chapter 6)

Saturday, October 19, 2002

Chapter VI had their 35th Annual Meeting on the weekend of the 18th of October. John Hathcock's "Unabummer" cabin and the firing range was prepped Friday and there were a number of early attendees that wanted to get started early on the tall tales and refreshments. Member's Bud Weiser, Jimmy Beam and Her Jagermeister were there to keep stories "honest". Saturday brought over twenty members to the area for the annual pistol match. The scenario this year was a bed, a lamp table and a terrorist named Ossama. The shooter had six seconds once the whistle was blown to get out of bed, retrieve his weapon and engage the target. The competition was fierce, but in the end, Randy Seiver won the match. There was also a "Mad Minute" on one target, which we left at the Paw Creek American Legion. The Chapter then moved out to the Paw Creek American Legion for the business meeting and banquet.
Robert White bagpiped the leadership and guest into the Legion Hall. Vice President James Craven called the meeting to order and led off with the Pledge of Allegiance, with Roy Long giving the opening prayer. There was a moment of silence for members of the Chapter that had passed on to the Great Teamhouse. Treasurer Dennis Myers presented the financial state of the Chapter, and the Secretary Kevin Smith brought the Chapter up to speed on a number of issues from the past meeting and forward to the future. We also welcomed back two members of the Chapter that had just returned from Afghanistan. They gave the membership much insight into that dangerous conflict. Their names are absent because they may re-deploy back to that area soon. It was good to see them in excellent health. They made us proud to be Americans and Special Forces soldiers. Our National Headquarters representative was Paul Payne that gave a good report of what was going on with the Special Forces community. The Chapter then elected officers for the next two years. James "Combat" Craven was elected President and Tom "Doc" McMillan was elected Vice President. The offices of Treasury and Secretary stayed the same since no one was fool enough to want them. Paul Payne swore in the officers, and the food arrived and the eating began. "Doc" McManus donated a fine blade to be raffled off and there were Group posters that also were raffled. The meeting was a great success with over 35 members in attendance. Members were already talking about the Spring meeting coming next year. All members that for some unknown reason did not attend, "we talked ugly about ya !" 

                                                               AIRBORNE  ! ! !

                                                                Kevin  Snake  Smith


De Oppresso Liber


Chapter VI held its Spring Meeting on the weekend of April 27th 2002. 

Chapter Treasurer 

Dennis Myers 


at the Spring 2002 Meeting

Held at National and 1-18

in Fayetteville the

weekend of April 27th

Parking Lot 


The Chapter members 

assembled at the 

Airborne and Special Operations Museum for a tour of the new Special Forces exhibit.


The Chapter members assembled at the Airborne and Special Operations Museum for a tour of the new Special Forces exhibit. The exhibit was not a ringing success, but then SWC’s Museum is the true base for our heritage. The Chapter then moved to Chapter I-XVIII location for our business meeting and cookout. 

Our thanks to Jimmy Dean for a briefing on the upcoming National Meeting held in June and Paul Moody’s briefing on the SFA’s NC automobile tag registration. The Chapter Secretary, Kevin "Snake" Smith, brought the chapter members up to speed on issues. 

The Chapter Treasurer, Dennis Myers, presented the financial health to the membership. There was a suggestion by some members to retain the services of the accounting firm of Arthur-Anderson to help with the chapter’s accounting practices. The membership voted to donate $100.00 to I-XVIII in memory of David "Hook" Nelson. The membership has also donated $ 300.00 for the 905 Montagnards that will be immigrating in mid-May. The Chapter will continue soliciting support for the transition. We challenge the other Chapters of the Association to match or exceed our donation in this most worthy of endeavors.

Special mention goes to the Hon. Furman Brodie. His donation to the Spring Meeting was used to keep the members well-supplied in liquid nourishment. Many thanks to Robbie Robbins and Bob Glemaker for coordination help in making this a successful Chapter meeting. For all of you that made excuses for not attending….you know who we talked about…


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