Special Forces Personnel Killed in SEA


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Especially in those places where you see double ?? marks.
Denotes conflicting info from two or more sources or no info at all.

Here is the latest SF Loss update, through 
1935 Hrs,  06 October 2009

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Special Forces Personnel Killed in SEA

Really need help on Unit of Assignment and Location.

CSM (Ret.) Reginald Turner Manning       May 13, 1936 - October 2, 2010

CSM (Ret) Reg Manning's Discussion Board of SF KIA in SEA

Status Codes:
BNR -  Body Not Recovered
DOW - Died of Wounds
DNH -  Died Non-Hostile
DWM - Died While Missing
KIA -    Killed In Action
MIA -   Missing In Action
PFD -    Presumptive Finding of Death



If   883  doesn't sound like a large number, 

go through this listing of our guys lost in South East Asia

The hard work and hundreds of hours CSM(R) Reg Manning has put in this project is more than greatly appreciated by the FOG's of Special Forces.

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